About Us

About Us

Career training in Oklahoma

Our history

Platt College was founded in 1979, and since then we have provided thousands of Oklahomans with the career skills they needed to be qualified for new careers in an ever-changing labor market. Throughout our history, our focus has remained on providing relevant career training in Oklahoma in a variety of fields, including healthcare and wellness, the culinary arts, and nursing, that meets the needs of an ever-changing job market and its employers.

Our mission

Platt College is dedicated to providing each of it’s an environment which is conducive to growth in skill training and in personal growth.It is through this growth that students will be able to pursue their career choices and meet the demands of industry.

We, at Platt College, are aware of the individuality of our student body.  Our belief in and pursuit of individualized education allows for the recognition of these differences.  By providing sound instruction, an environment for professional growth and personal mentoring, we at Platt College believe we are offering students the best possible combination necessary for a successful career in their industry.

Our focus

At Platt College, our focus is on you. Our students gain hands-on career training in their chosen fields and, when they complete their programs of study, they are ready to make a difference. We understand that each student is an individual with unique needs and a unique set of skills. We focus on enhancing those skills and providing students with the support they need to become confident and successful professionals.

If you’re looking for career education, like our culinary schools in Oklahoma, and you’re ready to start a new career that can take you where you want to go, contact us today.

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