Food trends to look out for in 2014

Each year, menus around the country begin to change as customers are introduced to new dishes, new ingredients and new ways to prepare food. Today, we’re counting down some of the National Restaurant Association’s top-projected food trends that will be making an impact at eateries near you. Continue reading to see which trends might be making their way into your favorite establishments. Hint: Healthier eating plays a major role in this year’s list. 

Pastry Arts - "Plated Desserts"

Pastry Arts covers a wide range of topics including plated desserts and composition. In PA-109 (Bakery Operations) students learn about classic and modern plate design, flavor combinations, style and composition. The course requires students to complete a series of assignments including (1) a mystery basket (2) a replicated fine dining dessert (3) a composed hot dessert (4) a composed cold dessert (5) a high volume dessert and (6) a special needs dessert.