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Platt College Culinary Schools

Platt College’s comprehensive culinary arts programs offer students a broad-based culinary education that includes food theory and practical instruction through hands-on experience. Major areas of study include safety and sanitation, baking and pastries, food management, and working in a hot kitchen.

The instructors and program designers at our culinary schools have worked tirelessly to create culinary training courses that satisfy the needs of today’s evolving food service industry. Upon completion of our ACFEFAC-accredited programs,* students may pursue culinary careers working at hotels, restaurants, resorts, catering companies and other commercial food service organizations.

At Platt College, students have the opportunity to learn in a professional-style kitchen from chefs who have real industry experience. Students may also earn the chance to work in one of Platt’s three institution-owned fine dining establishments.

If you are looking for a culinary arts school in Oklahoma, look no further than Platt College. We offer both pastry arts and culinary arts programs in Tulsa, OK; Moore, OK; and at our Oklahoma City culinary school.

Contact us today for more information about our programs, financial aid opportunities for those who qualify or to learn more about our school.

*ACFEFAC awarded to OKC North

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