Holy Basil for High Cholesterol?

Incredible Dental Program Coordinator in Tulsa, Terri Tuttle, found an article extolling the virtues of a little known herb that is considered a sacred plant. It is related to a type of basil and not the same as what you could buy in a supermarket. It is credited for protecting cells and improving your endurance and helping you cope with stress by supporting adrenal and thyroid function. The article says that Holy Basil can help reduce blood fats which could lead to high cholesterol. Pharmacist Suzy Cohen (www.DearPharmacist.com) says to consider Holy Basil this fall to reduce the risk of cough and cold.

Disclaimer: The Pharmacy Technician Program neither endorses nor denies the effectiveness of any claims reported in the "Holy Basil Is A Heavenly Herb" article.

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