Platt College Graduate Placement

When it comes to finding a job, your education is only half the battle. Some might even say the hardest part starts after graduation. At Platt College, we proudly offer graduate placement assistance for our current students and graduates.

The education and career training programs we provide are just the beginning of what Platt College has to offer. Our graduate placement program can help you learn personal marketing skills and effective job search strategies that can prepare you for a successful start in your career.

Under the guidance of a career development representative and placement director, you will have the opportunity to:

•    Develop a professional presence
•    Create an effective resume
•    Write a persuasive cover letter
•    Practice successful interviewing techniques
•    Learn valuable job search strategies
•    Utilize job placement assistance

Give yourself every chance you can to be successful after school. If you’re a student or graduate who wants help preparing for your job search, enroll in our graduate placement program today.