"Since graduating from school, people no longer view me as being just a good home cook, they see me as being a professional."

- Patti W.
Culinary & Pastry Arts Graduate

"I chose Platt College because I needed a new direction and I’ve always had a passion for cooking, so, I just decided to change myself and change where I was going. I saw the ad for Platt College, and here I am."

- Christina C.
Culinary Arts Graduate

"Coming to Platt College was a great investment for my future. It kind of moved me up in life – pace, productivity, pay – just, everything changed, really."

- Momo C.
Culinary Arts Graduate

"The degree curriculum is great. They also have a bachelor’s program that you can go onto now and it’s a really, really good foundation for everything you want to do."

- Joshua M.
Culinary Arts Graduate

"I’ve always wanted to have a job that I loved doing, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. The fact that I can enjoy my job and get paid for it is great!"

- Mary B.
Culinary Arts Graduate

"I would say, if you're thinking about it, then there's a very good chance that you need to do it."

- Barry J.
Culinary Arts Graduate

"My instructors at Platt College were amazing. They actually care about you here at Platt College, and want to help you succeed and do better in what you want to do with your life."

- Mallori J.
Dental Assistant Graduate

"The instructors at Platt College were awesome. They went above and beyond. Honestly, it was a lot of hands-on training, and however they could help us, they did helped us."

- Tasha W.
LPN Graduate

"I would encourage anyone who is thinking about making a change, to come to Platt and talk to the people here, and see if this could be a good fit for you, because it definitely was for me."

- Traci F.
LPN Graduate

"I felt like career education was a great path for me because it was a way to get an education where they were making sure that they were getting you ready to be able to step right into that job; to make sure you were comfortable and you knew the things you needed to know."

- Keenan R.
LPN Graduate

"I now have a career. I don’t have a job. I’m not working in retail anymore, making minimum wage. I’m doing something that I like. I’m not living paycheck to paycheck anymore. I’m building myself up."

- Emily D.
Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Graduate

"I would recommend Platt College because of the instructors. They were amazing. They helped, and when you do graduate, it is a sigh of relief and you are proud of yourself."

- Lia W.
Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Graduate

"I had great one-on-one time with my instructors. I even branched out and went into the culinary department, rather than stay strictly with pastry, and got education from culinary instructors that I never even thought I could have gotten. They became a part of my family."

- Chelsea F.
Pastry Arts Graduate
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