We Focus On The Skills You Need

You want more than a job. You want a career that is meaningful, enjoyable and something that you can be successful in. When you graduate from Platt College, you need to be ready to start your new career right away. Our career services team can help you through your training and development to gain the skills you need to be successful in your new career as well as assist you in identifying career opportunities upon graduation.

What are some of the skills you need to get your new career started and make it a success?

  • Identifying employment opportunities that are right for you
  • Creating a professional resume and effective cover letter
  • Making contacts and networking in your career field
  • Researching potential employers
  • Interviewing coaching and practice
  • Soft skills enhancement and communication development
  • Post-interview follow-up

Short-Term Solutions Help Long-Term Goals

At Platt College, we understand that being able to work and support yourself and your family while attending career training is important. Our Career Services team can assist you in finding a part-time or temporary job that allows you to go to school and work without interfering with one another.

Are You Ready For Career Training?

We are focused on helping you be successful both as a student and graduate. For more information on career training at Platt College, call us at 866-493-0491 or contact us online today.